Marcin Bunsch

Lead Software Dev at Groove


tl;dr You can check out the game here.

Recently, to learn new programming techniques, I've been reading up on game development.

I thought it would be a fun experiment to try to clone an existing game, so I would be able to focus on the game engine and code, with the hard part of game design already done. During vacation, I've been playing Dots by Betaworks, which is why I chose it as a source of inspiration.

I've decided to build it in CraftyJS and Brunch as a build tool. I've also added jQuery for some basic DOM manipulation.

Here's the result, which I've named Dotz: It is a simplified clone, so it only consists of one level in which you have to connect as many dots as possible in 20 moves.

As I found the whole experiment mighty interesting, I also thought it would be fun to highlight a few interesting problems I bumped into and how I solved them.

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